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RC "Grand Bourgeois" - a residential complex with its own shopping center

Bucha, Kyiv region
Term of start / finish of construction: 

Client: Linevich Group

Designer: group of companies "Basis"

Status: completed in 2019

Area: 44 000 m2

Brief description:

The RC "Grand Bourgeois" includes three eighteen-storeys buildings, designed for 560 apartments. The buildings are located one by one, forming two separate courtyards.

RC "Grand Bourgeois" offers not only residential but also commercial premises. According to the project, there will be underground parking spaces around the residential buildings. Residential buildings will be built based on cast-in-frame monolithic technology. In this case, the outer walls (42 cm) are made of gas concrete blocks, which are insulated with a 10 cm layer of mineral wool and decorated with plaster of "bark" type.