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RC "Petrovskyi posad", Donetsk

191-G Petrovskyi street in Donetsk
"POG and BP"
General contractor: 
LLC "Ukrbuilding Corporation"
Term of start / finish of construction: 
2007 to 2009

Principal building performances:

Number of storeys — 5.

General building specifications:

Residential complex in Donetsk in 191-G Petrovskyi street is a 5-storey cast-in-place concrete frame building with a brick filling. Unusual for its outdoor solution the house with five entrances with a non-standard layout, modern life support systems and a spacious adjacent territory is built in the neighborhood with a developed infrastructure (high-rise residential area, supermarkets, hospital, terminus of fixed-route taxis).

Exterior finish is made using wet insulation and decorative plaster. Plastic windows are installed in the apartments, heat supply is provided by the roof boiler room. The improvements of adjacent territory as well as installation of sports and children's playgrounds are underway.