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Mini-hotel for 45 persons

Crimea, Rybachie (near Alushta), 83 Rechnaya street
LLC "DMS Invest Capital"
General contractor: 
LLC "Ukrainian Building Corporation"
Term of start / finish of construction: 
2008 to 2009

Principal building performances:

• Construction area— 546 sq.m.

• Total area — 900 sq.m.

• Simutanous residence - 45 persons.

General building specifications

The mini-hotel is a modern brick 3-storey building, designed for the simultaneous accommodation of 45 people. Total area of ​​the building is 546 sq.m.

The high-quality materials were used in the construction of the hotel. Interior decoration and utilities system comply with European standards. There are playground, parking, swimming pool, café on the developed area of 900 square meters with landscape design.