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Shopping and exhibition center

Donetsk, Kyiv district
LLC “ОО “Yuni-Don”
General contractor: 
LLC "Ukrbuilding Corporation"
Term of start / finish of construction: 
2007 to 2008

Principal building specifications:

Total area— 663,91 sq.m.

Number of storeys — 4 storeys.

Height of storey — 4 m.

Shopping and exhibition center:

The state-of-art shopping and exhibition center is located in the Donetsk classic business area. The architectural distinctiveness of the building is achieved by voluminous solution of facades with use of suspended stained-glass window system. The new improved materials are used in construction and facing. In particular, the walls are faced with ceramic façade tiles, while the lower part of facades  - with ceramic and granite tile of darker tones.