Experience and responsibility are the foundation of reliability

Technical supervision

The services of technical supervision in construction are a set of measures to ensure the implementation of the project in the proper quality, at a predetermined time, with the planned value and volume of materials, performed by certified engineers-experts.

Any customer of construction, not being a builder himself and not being able to stay permanently on the construction site, will inevitably face the issue of quality control of works, the use of quality materials, and compliance with design decisions during the execution of works.

Technical supervision is the expert-verification measures, which helps to provide:

- the quality of construction works and their compliance with norms and rules;

- the use of building materials specified in the construction project;

- observance of terms and scope of construction;

- compliance with the project budget.

"Basis" has in its work of certified engineers of technical supervision, with experience of work. For any customer, cooperation and engagement of a technical service specialist provide complete and comprehensive control over the technology of construction of an object, control over the use of funds.

Functions of technical supervision in construction:

- reduction of expenses (tracking the amount of work to be paid, control over compliance with the budget);

- improving the quality of work (in compliance with technologies, rules, and standards);

- quality control of used materials and products (checking of passports, certificates, laboratory tests of samples, observance of warehousing rules);

- control of the correctness of the construction documentation;

- observance of terms at all stages of construction.