Experience and responsibility are the foundation of reliability


The history of the group of companies “Basis” is not that long to consider that all the best has already been built. However, it is sufficient to understand that we have come to this market to stay!

Over its history, our company has built more than 50 thousand square meters of residential buildings, more than 20 thousand square meters buildings of commercial and production purpose. The design group has implemented more than 40 working projects of various category of complexity and focus.

Since 2005 our designers have participated in the development of working projects of various categories of complexity and focus, in particular:

  • pipe bridge of coke gas (construction part), Iran;
  • shopping and entertainment center “Atmosphere” (construction part) – 48000 sq.m., Kyiv;
  • shopping and entertainment center ‘Domosphera” (entrance space) – 30000 sq.m., Kyiv;
  • market complex "Eurobazar" – 36000 sq.m. Kyiv;
  • RC "Millenium State" – 68000 sq.m., Bucha, Kyiv region;
  • RC "Grand Bourgeois" – 44000 sq.m., Bucha, Kyiv region;
  • production shop of meat-processing plant, Globyne;
  • plant for the production of SKODA body parts, Uzhgorod;
  • shopping and entertainment center – 14500 sq.m., Luhansk;
  • Kyiv city municipal center “Academy of Human Health” (surgery block), Kyiv;
  • center of clinical neurology, neurorehabilitation and restorative medicine of “Dobrobut” network (intensive therapy rooms), Kyiv;
  • production line of capacity 30 mln./year at Artemivsk brickwork factory, the village of Chervona Gora, Donetsk region;
  • and other sites.


During the existence of the group of companies we have performed construction works of various category of complexity and specialization, including such sites as:

  • cnstruction of overhead crossing (Donetsk, at the intersection of Illich Avenue and Chervonohrad Avenue in Kalinin district);
  • construction of Family-type Orphanage in Zaporizhzhya – an area of construction 509 sq.m. in Teplychne village in Tsentralna street;
  • construction of exhibition center – the area of 6, 135 sq.m. (Donetsk, Artem street between residential buildings no. 161-163 in Kyiv district);
  • reconstruction of the Children’s and Youth Crafts in Zaporizhzhya - the area of construction - 12173 sq.m.;
  • reconstruction and re-equipment of the school of working youth into a business center with the construction of the administrative building – the area of 4658 sq.m. (Donetsk. Kuibyshev district in 24A O.Matrosov Ave.);
  • construction of 4-storeys monolithic reinforced concrete building of the shopping and exhibition center of total area 2750 sq.m. and development – the area of 1834 sq.m. (Donetsk, Kyiv district in Tamanskyi avenue);
  • the residential building no. 6 – the area of 14456 sq.m. (Donetsk, Araviyska str.);
  • 16-storeys monolithic residential building in the district of “Pivdenni skhyly” (Donetsk);
  • reconstruction of the sports complex “Kirovets” – 10 ha (Donetsk, Kirov district);
  • reconstruction of the buildings (Donetsk, Pushkin Boulevard);
  • reconstruction of the buildings (Donetsk, Shevchenko Boulevard from 50-richchya SRSR till Artem street);
  • reconstruction of buildings (Donetsk, Illich avenue from Lenin Square to Constitution Square);
  • reconstruction of the buildings (Donetsk, Chelyustkintsi street from Tytov Avenue to Artem street);
  • Construction of traffic circle (Donetsk, in Myr Avenue);
  • reconstruction of the "Peremohy" park – 13 ha (Donetsk, Kalinin district);
  • construction of 2-sections 16-storeys residential building no.3 – the area of 12824 sq.m. (Donetsk, Lenin district, Kuprin street);
  • reconstruction of the premises of the 1st and 2nd floors of the existing building of the school no. 63 (Donetsk);
  • reconstruction and development of Nazism Victims Memorial – an area of pavement – 2740 sq.m., granite facing area of piers – 434.65 sq.m.;
  • construction of manor consisting of 3 buildings and related infrastructure in Alushta, Crimea – total area – 2400 sq.m.;
  • construction of RC "Petrovskyi posad" in Donetsk;
  • construction of mini-hotel for 45 persons in Rybalske village, Crimea (eastern coast);
  • construction of the St. Peters and Paul Cathedral in Yasynovata, Donetsk region;
  • development of mini-park in Partyzanskyi Ave. in Donetsk – total area of decorative paving tiles amounted to – 2235 sq.m.;
  • construction of the cottage town "Zlatograd", Donetsk region, Svaytogorsk, 70v Kuibyshev str.;
  • construction of RC "Zhuravlynnyi", Donetsk, Lenin district, 3 Kuprin str.;
  • construction of water chemical treatment of co-generation plant of Gorlivka coking plant LLC "ISTEK";
  • also other sites.