Experience and responsibility are the foundation of reliability

Our vision

Our vision of successful construction business consists in the creation of quality living space: residential, business, social, cultural and entertainment facilities and infrastructure which comply with high standards of safety, functionality, and aesthetics.
The group of companies "Basis" holds strong positions in the Ukrainian market, owning to the ability to solve complicated production issues in a comprehensive, quality, and prompt manner. Designing and implementing our own and clients' projects envisages utilization of innovative technologies and solutions, environmentally-friendly and quality materials, current management of processes, and responsibility for the result. It ensures the provision of service to our clients with the best value for money.    
Our vision bases on the recognition of the value of each customer: we do not divide projects into big and small, important, and secondary. Each site on which our specialists work is high-profile reaffirming expertize and good name of the Group.  The reputation among clients and partners calls for constant moving forward, development, geographic expansion, and strengthening positions in the marker, prove our credibility and efficiency.