Experience and responsibility are the foundation of reliability

Company assets

Regulatory legal framework. The Group of companies "Basis" has a complete set of permits for construction, as well as a special permit for activities related to state secrets (for objects of strategic and defense value). It has specialized software (ArchiCAD , AutoCAD , AVK-5, Liga-law) in its assets to ensure compliance with construction norms and standards and the proper organization of the construction process by following the law.

Personnel potential. The professional team of the Group consists of highly skilled staff (ETP and workers) and managers, as well as proven personnel, who are additionally involved in the implementation of individual projects.

The engineering and technical team and the project team have a sufficient number of personnel to provide simultaneous high-quality work on several objects. Our specialists continuously increase their professional level and are ready to offer a full range of construction works - from designing to commissioning.

In order to organize work on its own objects and objects of the client, the Group is provided with a sufficient staff of different qualifications with a wealth of experience in construction.

In addition, "Basis" has stable business ties in the construction market, which allows the contracting organizations to be engaged promptly, with due observance of the terms of work execution, quality standards and approved budget. 

Material and technical base. Investments in development allowed the Group to form its own, rather powerful material and technical base - the staff of "Basis" can start operations as quickly as possible in any part of Ukraine.

"Basis" has in its assets a full range of equipment, facilities, and mechanisms including:

- road freight transport;

- construction and road equipment;

- hoisting-and-transport equipment and mechanisms;

- electrical equipment;

- electrical and hand tools;

- set of quick-assembly modular formwork;

- scaffolding;

- construction trailers.

Also, the Group's companies have reliable partners who render services necessary for the leasing of special equipment.

"Basis" has everything necessary to expeditiously deploy on the construction site a working "infrastructure" - from construction trailers to specialized equipment and staffing with modern tools and equipment for work.